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Express UK - EU will be a 'loser' if no Brexit deal struck admits Emmanuel Macron-supporting French MP

A FRENCH MP for Emmanuel Macron’s party has said the European Union will be a “loser” if it fails to negotiate a Brexit deal ...
Alexandre Holroyd, of En Marche!, said “everybody” wanted...

le 21/10/17

Tribune : travailleurs détachés, pour une Europe qui protège

Tribune : travailleurs détachés, pour une Europe qui protège
25 août 2017 - Alexandre Holroyd, député de la troisième circonscription des Français de l'étranger (Europe du Nord) livre une tribune s...

le 25/08/17

Express UK - 'You’re trying to STEAL our jobs' Boulton ROASTS Macron’s London MP over Brexit job snatch

EMMANUEL MACRON’S parliamentary representative in London was torn apart by Adam Boulton over an apparent attempt to use Brexit to poach jobs from the capital ...
“We want to make Fr...

le 28/07/17

Entretien avec la BBC Radio 4

London-based French MP offers to play "informal" Brexit role
Alexandre Holroyd is the En Marche! Member of Parliament representing French expats in Northern European countries including the UK.
He ...

le 09/07/17

Entretien avec Challenges

Génération Macron: le témoignage d'Alexandre Holroyd, 30 ans, député des Français de l'étranger ..

le 24/06/17

The independant - UK centrists who want to emulate Emmanuel Macron do not have far to look

Getty Images
On a warm Saturday evening in King’s Cross, 30-year-old Alexandre Holroyd is distributing leaflets outside the train station. His campaign literature promises a stronger economy, bett...

le 13/06/17

Alexandre Holroyd: “Macron’s Presidency will not have a huge impact on Brexit per se, but on the future of the EU” - LSE

LSE, 26 May 2017
Alexandre Holroyd is the En Marche! candidate representing the French living in Northern Europe. In a recent panel discussion organised by the 1989 Generation Initiative, he discu...

le 13/06/17

The Economist - Expats voted in droves for Emmanuel Macron’s party

FRENCH nationals living abroad went to the polls a week earlier than their compatriots at home in the first round of legislative elections. On June 3rd and 4th around 1.3m registered expat voters w...

le 07/06/17

Evening Standard - Alexander Holroyd: 'You can't manufacture a man like our Emmanuel Macron'

Photo : Matt Writtle
As En Marche! prepares for a landslide win in the French election, Joy Lo Dico meets London's foremost Macronista, Alexander Holroyd ...
Alexander Holroyd couldn't suppress hi...

le 05/06/17

Les Echos - Législatives : en Grande-Bretagne, le candidat d'En Marche part favori face à Axelle Lemaire

Alexandre Holroyd, 30 ans, espère capitaliser sur la très large victoire d'Emmanuel Macron dans la troisième circonscription des Français de l'étranger. L'abstention massive qui se profile est une ...

le 01/06/17

The local - A lot of inspiration for En Marche comes from the Scandinavian countries

Photo: Mahlum/Wikimedia commons
The Local met Alexandre Holroyd, En Marche's parliamentary candidate for the Third constituency for French overseas residents, in Copenhagen to talk about the upcom...

le 31/05/17

NewStateman: The new French revolution: how En Marche! disrupted politics

The rise of Emmanuel Macron's party has shattered the accepted wisdom.
Alexandre Holroyd bears many similarities to his new boss, Emmanuel Macron. Like the French president, a former ...

le 31/05/17
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