Express UK - EU will be a 'loser' if no Brexit deal struck admits Emmanuel Macron-supporting French MP


A FRENCH MP for Emmanuel Macron’s party has said the European Union will be a “loser” if it fails to negotiate a Brexit deal ...

Alexandre Holroyd, of En Marche!, said “everybody” wanted a Brexit deal and not achieving one would be negative for both the European Union and Britain.

Speaking on Daily Politics on the BBC, Emmanuel Macron-backing Mr Holroyd said EU negotiators were working towards a deal.

Asked if Brussels would prefer to deal with Theresa May over any other potential Prime Minister, Mr Holroyd said it would not affect the goals of the bloc.

He said: “I don’t think that anybody on the continent has very clear opinions about what should or shouldn’t happen.

“I think that whoever is in Number 10, whoever is is Number 11, whatever happens we will negotiate with whoever that is to try and come to a deal.

“Everybody wants this deal, everybody knows that eventually not having a deal will be negative for everyone, everybody will be a loser, so that’s the direction we’re taking.”

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