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London-based French MP offers to play "informal" Brexit role

Alexandre Holroyd is the En Marche! Member of Parliament representing French expats in Northern European countries including the UK.

He has spoken to The Westminster Hour's Carolyn Quinn about reactions to Emmanuel Macron's presidency and what it could mean for Brexit, as well as how his constituents feel about Theresa May's proposals for French citizens living in the UK after it leaves the EU.

Asked whether he is lobbying on behalf of his constituents, Mr Holroyd said that a French MP representing those living in the UK "should have a role in a dialogue between the Commission and the UK Government, but that role should be informal, and that role should be trying to get both parties to come to agreements and to come to compromises at periods of great tensions - and there will be period of great tensions, because that’s the concept of negotiation between two states."

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